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Are you a Property Owner and not complying with Property Tax Returns ?

Are you suffering in Property Tax Compliance due to lack of professional expertise ?

Are you a NRI Property Owner and have no support in India to comply with Property Tax Returns ?

Are you a Property Owner and have no clue how Property Tax is being calculated ?

Only 37% of Property Tax Owners are able to claim benefit of 15% Rebate in their Annual Property tax

Only 73% of Property tax Owners are in compliance with Property Tax Returns

Only 21% of NRI Property Tax Owners are in compliance with Property Tax Returns

The Most Surprising Fact is that the Property Tax Return is a Self Assessment Tax Return, which means that you pay tax based on information you declare and the categorisation you do for your property. The Municipal Corporation has all rights to claim any arrears based on wrong calculations, mis classification & non payment and all such demands can even lead to sealing of property by Municipal Corporation.

A property tax survey carried out by the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) has found that properties falling under the ambit of the tax have increased from 3.7 lakh to 5 lakh. This doesn’t include new areas added to MCG’s limits in December 2020. The civic body has now invited objections, if any, from residents.

Delhi: MCD receives property tax of Rs 55.37 crore under SAMRIDDHI scheme

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We at Sunil K Khanna & Co. handle Property Tax matters such as Property Tax Return Filing and Property Tax Payment online. The property tax is levied on all residential and commercial properties by Municipal Corporation in Delhi and Haryana.

In Delhi Assessment and Collection Department of MCD is entrusted with the task of collection of property tax under Section 113 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957. The Municipal Corporation is divided into two zones MCD-Municipal Corporation of Delhi and NDMC- New Delhi Municipal Corporation. The MCD is further divided into North, South, East & West zones. There are two components of property tax, namely – (a) a building tax; and (b) a vacant land tax.

In Haryana the Municipal Corporation is divided into City Zones such as MCG – Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon, MCF – Municipal Corporation of Faridabad etc.

The municipal corporation requires all property owners to self-assess their property tax and submit their property return tax on an annual basis.

Due dates of depositing property tax return.

The Property Tax is deposited in advance every year. The due date for depositing property tax on annual basis is 30th June. In case the property tax is deposited before or up to 30th June the property owner is eligible for a rebate of 15 percent on the total tax payable. Beyond 30th June there is no rebate available to the property owner.

Property Tax Return

The property tax return is required to be filed on an annual basis. The property tax payment can be done only when a property tax return is filed. Therefore, the due date for filing property tax return is

30th June every year but a belated return can also be filed up till 31st March of the year.

 Property Tax Amnesty Scheme / Samriddhi Scheme

The property tax arrears for earlier years can be filed with interest and penalty. However, in the past years the Municipal corporation has introduced many Amnesty scheme where in the interest and penalties are waived off to enable the property owners to deposit their property tax arrears without interest and penalty. These schemes are usually introduced in the month of February and march to promote collection of property taxes.

How Sunil K Khanna & Co. can help you in Property Tax

We manage Property Tax Compliance of Non-Resident Indians who are Property Owners and not able to comply with annual Property Tax Returns. We have helped over 213 Non-Resident Property Owners in handling their Property Tax matters online. We also help in updating Property Tax arrears of previous years and claiming benefits of Rebate, waiver of interest and penalties. Our expertise is in handling Property Tax matters of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

  • Free Compliance Check of your Property Tax Return
  • Property Tax Calculation
  • Property Tax Return Filling
  • Property Tax Payment
  • Claim Rebate of Annual Property Tax
  • Representation to Municipal Corporation against Notice Received
  • Claim Benefit under Amnesty Scheme
  • Update Property Tax Arrears

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